Site specific drawings / installations for the Contact Gallery in Norwich. The title ‘Absent Figures’ refers to an absence of figuration, as well as themes around absence, presence, loss and transition. The family of images which were originally conceived in a dream existed somewhere between drawing and installation. The physicality, scale and blackness embodied both presence and absence, The way they inhabited the space with each other and the viewer became a dynamic part of the work.This work evolved as a parallel process to my practice as an art therapist at the time, when I was working with older people who were dealing with multiple issues around loss. The Inscape publication ‘Absent Figures’ explores the relationship between these processes.

During this period of work I was also interested in the improvisational nature of the creative process. It resonated with ideas behind  free jazz that I was listening to at the time. I was fortunate that this exhibition coincided with Norwich Jazz festival which meant I  was able to collaborate and share the space with local Jazz musicians.

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