Born in Nairobi, 1960, Mandy Rogers trained at Birmingham Polytechnic where she achieved her BA in Fine Art, and a PGCE in art education and art therapy. She went on to Sheffield City Polytechnic to earn her MA in Art and Design. Her work has been widely exhibited throughout Britain and internationally, including taking part in an exhibition of womens’ art at the Metropolitan Gallery of Tokyo and an exhibition of contemporary British art at the Blue art Gallery in San Francisco.

Since 1984 she has worked as an artist and art therapist and has articles published in Inscape art therapy journal and Artists Newsletter  about the parallel relationship between the two. Mandy Rogers has also held numerous artist residencies, running workshops, masterclasses and summer schools, as well as holding a post for five years as part time lecturer on the art therapy course at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

Awards and Commissions include the George Jackson Travelling Fellowship, Eastern Arts Drawing Prize, and a large commission for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

Mandy Rogers takes inspiration from the material, and embodied nature of our lives and relationships, which she feels is reached through the process of drawing and the manipulation of materials.  Her work shifts between figurative and abstract imagery.  She writes....

the struggle for meaning takes place at the boundaries of our understanding. New meaning comes from a place which straddles traditional forms and the unknown. The journey towards a creative understanding is tentative and continuously improvised, until achieving a language which can be shared.’  

This she says is reflected both in a therapy process and an artists interaction with space and form. Much of her figurative drawing is like a visual diary or record of people and places, the process of which is a kind of meditation and a way of keeping some kind of creative muscle alive.

Her work is  also rooted in current ideas about philosophy, psychoanalysis aesthetics, and in the experience of reading novels, poetry and listening to music.

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